Office Design Tips for Employee Engagement

Providing a conducive environment for your employees to engage in makes for a happy and more productive team, which is a win-win for any company. Crucially, creating such an environment is not difficult. Start with these top tips:

#1. Start With The Team Configuration

The best place to sort out first is the big picture item: your office layout. How do your team of employees spend most of their time while working in the office? Do individual team members work on individual items? How often do they collaborate? Is there a need for your employees to work in pairs instead?

How your team works should is a crucial consideration when creating your office layout. It will influence whether you focus on creating an open plan office with large tables or individuals desks.

For the best results, ask your employees to participate in designing the office. They might be collaborating more that you know, and they might want a more open-plan office rather than stifling cubicles.

#2. Consider Office Furniture As Any Other Asset Purchase

After going through the hassle of search and finally leasing office space, the last step of purchasing office furniture might seem like an easy, straightforward task.

In reality, however, there is a lot of consideration that goes into choosing the right office furniture. Just like you would not purchase a company vehicle on a whim, you should not buy your office furniture on a whim as well.

And since there are plenty of elements to consider while purchasing office furniture, you ought to take your time. Weigh all your options and seek employee input as they will be using the furniture. Take a look at surplus database for great quality office furniture.

Finally, find adjustable furniture pieces. For instance, a desk that is comfortable for an employee who is 5 feet tall might not be suitable for another employee who is 6 feet tall. It is crucial to ensure that all employees are comfortable while using office furniture.

#3. Keep It Natural

Everyone has experienced a mild headache from fluorescent lighting. The lighting is not only harsh, but many workers have come to associate this form of light with an unwelcoming and intimidating work environment. And that is not the kind of atmosphere you want to create.

The best solution is to promote the entry of as much natural light as possible into your office. The natural light will give your employees a sense of fresh air and negate your employees feeling restricted or caged.

In areas you need artificial lighting, do not use fluorescent bulbs. Instead, choosing lighting that can mimic natural light, which will induce energy into the workspaces.

#4. Prioritize Closed Storage

Every company needs storage space for a wide variety of items, including office supplies, files, etc. What some companies do not know is that how you store these items will impact employees’ productivity.

As the adage goes, “a cluttered room creates a cluttered mind.” It will be difficult for your employees to focus on their work when they are surrounded by clutter. No employee will thrive if they have to fight to keep their attention their work.

A better way of doing this is to store your items in closed spaces such as the closet. Install built-in shelves with sliding doors. The more stuff you keep away from the general space, the more organized the workspace will be, and the easier your employees will focus.

#5. Brand Your Space

Your brand is more than your company logo and a custom color scheme. Your brand is the embayment of your company’s personality. As such, branding is vital in advertising and marketing. 

Branding is also essential in aligning your employees with your goals. Ideally, your employees should take action that aligns with your brand. To achieve this goal, brand your office space as well. Paint the area in your company’s colors. Use décor that fits well with your brand. All of this will place your employees in the right mindset.