4 reasons why you should consider ISO 9001 for your startup

During the development and launch of your startup business, the chances are that you’re too busy to be thinking about quality management. But obtaining ISO 9001, a quality management system (QMS) standard, offers numerous benefits for your business and can help you generate more sales. Below, we round up just some of the reasons why…

Drives sales

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why startup businesses should consider ISO 9001 is to drive sales. When you’re credited with ISO 9001, you’ll be able to advertise that fact, which opens up new market opportunities, especially when you consider that the mark is an internationally recognized standard. Indeed, most companies require a QMS based on ISO 9001 to be considered for a job, particularly if you’re working in the public sector, where the standards are often higher. Simply put, an ISO 9001 is a powerful marketing tool.

Another benefit of ISO 9001 is that you can improve levels of customer satisfaction, as you will be able to plan for and strive to meet their demands. Through improving your levels of customer satisfaction, you’ll enjoy more repeat business and grow your startup profits.

Allow you to take risks

No business would be successful without risk and opportunity, but the ISO 9001:2015 standard allows you to build a culture with these in mind. If you want to build a business culture where employees can identify risks and opportunities, and overcome those risks to increase profitability and business development, then you’ll be on to a real winner.

Helps you to manage change

Perhaps one of the most common reasons why startup businesses fail is that they cannot respond to change, but the truth is all new businesses change dramatically from their launch. ISO 9001 can help businesses control change through planning, actions, and reviews, allowing you to change direction or expand into new niches without falling flat on your face.

Achieve goals

One final benefit to consider as part of the ISO 9001:2015 standard is setting goals and objectives for your business. As a new business, it’s important that you have clear goals and objectives that are not only realistic, but also achievable. ISO 9001 allows employees, and the business owner, to learn how to set, review, and take actions, and monitor the results.

Achieving ISO Certification

Whilst it’s possible for startup businesses to apply for and achieve ISO 9001 certification on their own, it makes sense to work with ISO certification consultants who can manage your application and ensure your business implements the most effective quality management to maximize profitability and generate new business opportunities.

What’s more, some ISO firms also offer auditing and training to allow startup businesses to eliminate waste and risks from their business, and so learning from a skilled and professional outsider in the early days will no doubt serve you well, and allow you to effectively learn from other people’s mistakes so that your business and quality management system is a success.

Whatever industry you’re in, whether it be aerospace, energy, automotive, distribution, pharmaceutical, fabrication, or something else, we highly recommend ISOs as part of a new business and wish you the very best of luck with your venture.