A Guide to Hiring Staff

Hiring staff can be a stressful and hard scenario,  but it’s a necessity in a growing business. So, here’s how you can go about doing so.

Encourage Your Employees to Refer People they know to Work for Your Organization

Full-time employees often know the skills and attributes that suit the culture and needs of the company they work for. Therefore, it may be a good idea to offer bonuses to encourage your employees to recommend people they know for summer positions.

You can make the process a bit easier by sending an email to all your employees asking them to refer others for summer positions. Don’t forget to attach a streamlined application for summer hires to the email. Contact last year’s summer workers and ask them whether they can come back.

Offer them a small raise as a return incentive. If possible, you can offer to increase their responsibilities and a slightly different title to build their resumes. If they say that they will not return, ask them to refer their classmates, siblings or friends to apply for available summer positions.

Let People Know that you are hiring

If you would like to hire high school and college students, get your job postings to sources that these students can see. Social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat are the best places to get your job postings when targeting high school and college students for summer jobs.

You can also post jobs to college job recruitment sites like coolworks.com, aftercollege.com for short-term employment and idealist.org if you are in the nonprofit sector. If you would like to cast your net wider, consider using Mighty free job postings.

Reach out to program directors and instructors at local high schools and college programs related to your industry. For instance, if your business offers food services, contact colleges with a culinary program. You can also volunteer to be a guest speaker at organizations that foster student entrepreneurship, attend job fairs at campuses nearby or join your local chamber of commerce or a professional organization in your field.

Streamline the Hiring Process

When making multiple hires to staff up quickly for the busy summer season, it may be a good idea to hold group interviews instead of one-on-ones to save time. The interviews should not include questions you would ask a full time hire instead they should be jargon-free and open-ended.

In most cases, seasonal workers and young workers don’t have specialized skills or extensive industry sector knowledge. So, instead of hiring based on experience, consider candidates with a positive attitude, good communication skills, rock-solid work ethic, and exhibit resourcefulness and flexibility. If you wish to take the work out of all of this you could just employ TRS Staffing to help out.