Business Traveller? Here’s Why You Should Learn To Love Serviced Apartments

Unfortunately, for many of us, business trips are a staple of our career and travelling for work has become a firm fixture in our lives.

Normally characterised by endless meetings, exhausting amounts of networking, and cramped, dismal hotel rooms, travelling for business has become less of a pleasure and more of a chore.

However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult and there are a number of ways to improve staying away from home, one of which is to opt for a serviced apartment over your regular hotel.

But, just what is a serviced apartment and what’s so great about them? Here, we explain why you should learn to love serviced apartment as a business traveller.

What is a serviced apartment?

Because this type of accommodation is still an undiscovered gem, on the whole, many people won’t have even heard of a serviced apartment so it’s best we clear this up to start with.

Serviced apartments are very similar to hotels, except you stay in a fully-furnished apartment as opposed to a single bedroom/bathroom set-up.

You receive multiple rooms, including a kitchen and a living room, plus a range of amenities including cleaning, WiFi, DVD players, TVs, maintenance teams and 24-hour concierges.

Home away from home

One of the best things about a serviced apartment is that it can make your business trip feel less like work, and more like you’re staying at home.

We spoke to Clarendon London, a serviced apartment provider, who said: “The thing our clients love the best about our serviced apartments is the homely feel that comes with staying in one of our properties.

Rather than a cut-and-paste hotel room, you get a bespoke interior that creates a warm ambience and provides you with all the amenities that would usually have in your own home. You can relax watching your favourite DVD, stretch out on a sofa, and feel like you’re in your own home.”

More flexible

A serviced apartment also provides you with more flexibility, which is essential when you’re travelling for business.

With many hotels having set meal times or set curfew hours, it can be difficult to arrange meetings and networking around your accommodation needs. In serviced apartments, on the other hand, you can cook your own meals and have 24-hour access to your building, meaning unsociable hours aren’t a problem.

Plus, serviced apartments can be rented on a long or short term basis meaning you can stay in one place for extended business trips with no hassle.

More space

Obviously, with a full apartment rather than a single room, you receive a lot more space when staying in a serviced apartment. In fact, Condé Nast even suggests you get around 30% extra space with an apartment.

This extra space comes in really handy when your business trip is going to last a week or so, as it avoids the cabin fever that can set in when cramped into a small hotel room!

It gives you the space to relax, spread out, and entertain colleagues easily, meaning your networking doesn’t have to end when you leave the office.

Plus, with the extra space and the added bonus of WiFi included, you can work from the comfort of the apartment if needs be!