7 Best CRM for Startups

Our readers, in remarks and on social networks and in comments online, often ask us to write about the tools we utilize for our business endeavors. Notably, there is some interest in applications for communications and also for retaining the customer base. Let’s talk products. What is the best CRM for a startup? Hard to say. After all, systems that are popular and uncomplicated are costly. Which free-of-charge CRM is an alternative to systems Salesforce, Highrise, SugarCRM and could suffice as a substitute?

Top 7 Best Free CRMs for B2B and B2C

  1. Odoo
  2. Hubspot
  3. Friday CRM – we implement it (we share the information below)
  4. Simplicity CRM
  5. Rainbow CRM
  6. Atemis CRM
  7. PlanPlus CRM

Why do we consider FridayCRM to be a superb resource?

It receives a lot of positive comments, and if you’d like the best approach to automate employee activity – go with FridayCRM. The CRM is a favorite small business decision among supervisors. From the feedback of users, the system is easy and convenient to use, so the best solution for business process automation is going to be Friday CRM. It can merge contact lists with Excel, there is a convenient tool for time management, and the system is designed to increase profits. It is stable and demonstrates high attention to security. It provides effective management of call centers, too, and it operates in multiple interface languages. Best of all, this CRM operates on the cloud. It is unlikely to find a worthy adversary to this free CRM, check out the benefits of Friday CRM for yourself on fridaycrm.com

What is the main thing we benefited from using it?

We were able to automate a number of procedures. We paid more attention to clients. It became a lot even easier to organize sales. In contrast with a few competing businesses, we were able to rediscover the advantages of our business procedures. We even increased sales by 190%. We haven’t lost anything, just won. Most likely, one of those keys of our success was properly a chosen CRM.

It took us six months to find the right system for ourselves, but it took us only one day to start using it to the fullest. The greatest endorsement you could give is your achievement. Try it for yourself.

Christine Smith, Technology Review