How one supplement company is changing the face of the industry

Founded by health expert and entrepreneur Julio Lopez, Vita Supplements has exploded in popularity in recent months, growing from a startup business into a fully-fledged supplements brand. The company, which began developing its products before launch, offers a unique formula that’s designed to focus and motivate, without leaving you feeling wired or dazed.

The result? A product that is truly changing the face of the industry, and a business that is a must-watch. Below, we offer an introduction into the brand that is Vita Supplements.

The company formation

The company’s initial product, PEAK, went into formulation months before the business launch, something founder Julio said was important to do.

“For us, we wanted to create a range of products that were not only revolutionary but also safe to use and without some of the side effects many people seem to get when they’re using our competitor’s products.”

After trials and errors, the company’s formula was finalized, and they had created a product that allowed users to feel focused and motivated, giving them the confidence and ability to work or study for long periods of time whilst feeling relaxed, and feeling like it was natural.

After spending months researching into the right ingredients, and with the help of associates, friends and biomedical engineers, Julio was satisfied with the formula and quickly realized that the result was much more than a tool for revising or working – the supplement could be used in practically any case, whether going to the gym or keeping calm before an interview.

After realizing that he had created the “ideal supplement” that was multi-purpose, the Vita Supplements brand was born, and PEAK became the first supplement of its kind in the industry, serving as one designed for the lifestyle and fitness markets, above all else

An advanced supplement

One of the reasons why the supplement is so effective is that it kicks in very fast, and offers significant benefits. PEAK Supplement could be considered an anti-anxiety supplement, a supplement for stress, a supplement for anxiety, or a supplement for working hard and getting things done when you’re not feeling motivated. The supplement also assists in facilitating socialization, increasing your sense of wellbeing, enhances the sound of music, and has other benefits. The best way to find out more about the product is to watch the video below.

Impressive sales figures

At Startup Heart, we love to showcase growing startup businesses, and boy is Vita Supplements one of those! Supplements have been flying off the shelves, with lots of five-star reviews on both eBay and Amazon. With the company offering limited-time free samples and a free ebook that’s designed to help you reduce anxiety, increase confidence and speak your mind, we’ll no doubt see this business go from strength to strength.

Find out more about Vita Supplements on their website.