Erjon Dobi a Young Businessman with Great Ambitions

Erjon Dobi was born in Durres on March 25, 1992. He has completed studies in the United States for an 8 year period from 2006 to 2014. During this period he studied at the prestigious Middlesex School, located in Concord, Massachusetts, and then graduated from the University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia with an average of 9.5 per Business Administration Degree with a focus on Economics and Finance.

Throughout his university studies, Erjoni was a member of the Student Managed Investment Fund, where he has managed, together with the group, a fund of more than 500,000 USD. The funds were invested in the US stock market. In the course of the management period, the fund increased by 18% as a result of efficient investments. Erjon Dobi was also a member of the School’s Economic Team and member of the Student Business Association. In the summer of 2014, Erjon returned to Tirana to start a professional career, as a student highly honoured by professors and university staff.

Today, Erjon Dobi is a successful professional and in close collaboration with 5 prestigious companies, in 3 of which he is employed. He returned with the desire to bring innovation to the Albanian market, using the best practices to contribute to the country’s economy.

The Career

Experience and finance/business management expertise allows him to work on important projects and hold several positions on different companies. Currently, he is appointed as:

  • the CEO of Dobi Management Shpk
  • the Financial Manager / Member of the Board of Directors for InfoSoft Office Ltd
  • the Special Projects Manager / Board Member of the company Algrafika Ltd

Challenges have not yet begun for Erjon as he is continually looking for ways to expand the current business; new opportunities to develop its potential; as well as the investment portfolio for the companies where he operates.

He is a career and result-focused professional with clear long-term business objectives. For many years now, his comprehensive knowledge has been an added value for all the projects led and managed. For Erjon, success is the greatest motivation and what truly encourages him to take further significant steps.