Three Reasons Why Your Business May Need the Services of a CD Duplication Company

If you’re a business owner, something which you may never have considered is the use of a CD duplication service. While such services are usually used by bands and other musical artists or film and TV production companies, there are many reasons why your business may need CD duplication.

Firstly, it’s important to be clear on exactly what CD duplication is. It refers to taking an existing disc and taking the information on it (whatever that may be) and writing it onto a blank disc to make an identical copy.

Also bear in mind that CD duplication often gets confused with CD replication, which is slightly different (check out this article from VDC Group to find out more).


When you think of traditional marketing materials, you probably think of printed materials leaflets or brochures, but sending out CDs can be an effective form of marketing too.

If you’re doing it on a fairly large scale, CD duplication can be a cost-effective form of marketing and with such a high memory capacity, you can fit a great deal of information onto a CD, including images, video and audio.

Whether you’re sending out promotional material to a list of prospects or handing them out at conferences and events, CDs can be an effective way of spreading the word of your business.

Check out this article from MediaFast for more information on how to use CDs and DVDs to market your business.


If your business develops or sells some type of software, then you’ll probably want to be able to have that software available in a physical format, whether for selling to customers or giving away demo versions to try and win new business.

While software can be downloaded from the internet, lots of people still prefer to have a physical form, especially if you want to distribute the software in person.

Even if it’s a physical product that you’re selling, a CD could a handy way of providing your customers with an instruction manual which explains how to use the product.

Again, this can contain much more information than a printed manual, including visual media and is also a lot easier to produce and package.


If you need to provide new and existing employees with training, one of the most popular training methods is to create training videos, for your employees to watch in a classroom environment.

This can be much more cost and time-effective than sending employees on training days or having other members of staff take time out of their days to train the others.

Visual learning can prove to be a lot more effective for many people too, and can be a lot more engaging than being asked to sit and read through pages and pages of information and even better, you can have experts from throughout the company carry out the training for all employees, without ever actually having to be there in person.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why you might need to use a CD duplication service for your business, and it can also be a very cost-effective method too.